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Who Are We?

Located in the Netherlands, Ottavo is a high quality, compact disc label.
All our recordings are fully digital recordings, done under the most favorable conditions for the musicians, in natural sounding locations like concerthalls, churches etc. We don't use any overdub techniques nor filtering on the recordings and we try to preserve the natural acoustics as much as possible without adding any artificial reverberation.
Luister10-60x60 Awarded with a „Luister 10” in March 2015 for our Debussy and Ravel recordings with Arno Bornkamp and Ivo Janssen.

Recording Services

Ottavo can also be hired to make audio recordings of your orchestra, ensemble or solo performance. We have all the knowledge to deliver high quality digital CD masters.
Additional services possible:
  • Designing CD cover and/or booklet for commercial printing
  • Remastering of existing recordings (Analog or Digital)
Please contact us for more information and details specific for your situation.


Ottavo Recordings
Westeinde 10
2512 HD The Hague
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31644684913
Chamber of Commerce: 51983680

Last update: 14 April 2015

Buying and Pricing

You can buy from this website by choosing the SHOP menu.

All our compact discs are being sold for €12.50 each.

Priority shipping is:
  • 1-2 CDs: €5,00
  • 3-4 CD's €8,50
  • 5-6 CDs €11,00
  • 7 or more €15.00
All our prices shown here are VAT included (19%).
This will be shown on the invoice that will accompany our shipment to you.
Payment is handled by PayPal.
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